Recruiting for the E-commerce Singularity

December 11, 2019 

e-commerce recruiting

The simple fact is that the scope of e-commerce has been growing since its implementation and, by 2023, the money spent will be somewhere to the projected tune of $700 billion. As our clients look for those individuals who will be viable in digital marketing and valuable to those Davids and Goliaths of the industry, we (as recruiters) can share insights that will allow them to flourish; in so doing, also give those who discovered them a solid and developing reputation.

The Information Singularity

As a society, we are already drowning within a deluge of information—more than we could ever possibly consume. Basically, we’ve fallen in the ocean and we can never drink it all. We have to find our bearing and swim in an appropriate direction if we ever want to survive. John Von Neumann was the first to coin the term “singularity” in regards to technology. In short, the tech would grow so fast and so exponentially it would outstrip and drastically alter the human experience. As information goes, we are already there. The sheer volume of the market makes a directed and targeted approach the only viable approach to online marketing. We have to pick our audience, specifically, allow targets to pass who will not be reliable patrons of our selected product or service. If those future players don’t realize they can’t reach everyone and that it is an inefficient use of their time to attempt it, they can not succeed and are not marketable.  

The Ghost in the Machine

A simple and faulty solution some companies rely on is the reach of singular platforms. While a nexus like Facebook is useful at reaching an abundance of users, its reach is consistently decreasing. And while Amazon is a massive online market and has the reach, it is becoming increasingly expensive to advertise on. Reliance on a single platform you don’t exclusively control is a risk one cannot take in today’s uber-competitive eCommerce ecosystem. The algorithmic sight of these entities is not one an advertiser can rely upon, simply because it is not constant. It is subject to the whim of the owner, and their and your interests rarely are in one hundred percent agreement. Putting your trust in the information you don’t generally have access to is a practice detrimental to money spent versus profit. A potential candidate needs to direct their efforts, rather than letting the unseen do inferior work.

We all have a limited amount of time to spend and mental bandwidth to parcel out. Mental bandwidth is an effective way to look at any instance of mental effort. Our attention, energy, and money are not infinite, and we have to be careful how we spend them because when they’re tapped, they’re tapped. If we spread ourselves too thin, we become bogged down and none of our efforts can be as effective as they would have been if we had only focused. 

Partner With The Experts

By partnering with an e-commerce recruiter who understands the challenges you will face in the fast-coming future, you can find the talent best suited for those tasks. For those getting ready to become active competitors in digital or performance marketing, knowing one’s limitations is an effective way to attack the behemoth before us—one piece at a time.

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