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Five Tips for Recruiting Digital Marketing Talent in Atlanta

Atlanta Digital Marketing Recruiting

It’s hard to find marketing talent in Atlanta that is both experienced and well-aligned with organizational culture. Companies across the region are investing in digital marketing more than ever before, which means job seekers have endless opportunities waiting for them. Add to that the fact that today’s market is undeniably talent-driven, and competition and hiring can feel downright impossible. So, how can you beat the competition and recruit the right people to work for your Atlanta-based organization?

One: Consider Your Own Company Presence

Is your website designed to attract top talent? Do you tout your employer brand on social media? Digital marketing talent will naturally scope out the online presence of companies advertising jobs before they choose to apply. If your appearance is dated or your social profiles are dormant, many people may pass you by.

If you are looking for people to correct a dated presence, and your organizational leadership has bought into upgrades, talk about that transition in the post so that potential candidates know to consider those facts when looking at your website and profiles.

Two: Become An Employer of Choice

You have to give candidates a reason to look twice at you when the market is so tight. Make sure you are offering competitive salary, bonus and benefits packages. If you underpay, you can’t hope to attract great people. Research going salary rates in Atlanta for the level of marketing job you are hiring for and do what you can to get them in line. If you can’t raise salary rates, consider offering unlimited PTO or other attractive benefits to make up the difference.

Three: Be Transparent About Remote Options

Individuals have different priorities when it comes to whether they want to work remotely or in person. Be transparent in your job post about remote work options. If the position is hybrid, state that and outline how many days employees are expected to work in the office and how many they are expected to work remotely. If your job is 100 percent in person or 100 percent remote, state that clearly, as well. This will help people know whether to apply and can save you time and resources.

Four: Focus On Work-Life Balance

According to the American Institute of Stress, 20% of workplace stress is caused when people try to juggle their personal and work lives. To attract top talent, don’t make people choose between work and home life. Remote and flexible options can help with this, but even if your teams work fully in-house, outline the ways that you support work-life balance.

Five: Work With Expert Marketing Recruiters

Partnering with expert marketing recruiters in Atlanta can save you time and resources in your search for top talent. Leveraging a creative recruiting agency gives you instant access to a vast network of pre-qualified applicants, including passive candidates who may not be accessible through traditional recruiting channels. If you are looking to hire top digital marketing talent in Atlanta, contact the recruiters at Method today.

Interview Tips

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