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Creating—and Sustaining—Positive Company Culture

positive company culture

When it comes to guaranteeing your company is successful, start from the inside out. When it comes to employee satisfaction, it all starts with a positive company culture. Having a good company culture is essential for making sure your current and future employees are happy and perform well. 

What is culture?

Company culture is the unique and established way a particular workplace functions. Culture includes accepted norms and habits and how people interact with one another, essentially the community within an office. Company cultures vary from place to place, ranging from traditional to modern, family-run to corporate. 

Established workplace cultures can have a major impact on how people work. Places with a strong, positive culture can have 20 to 30 percent better performance than companies with unremarkable culture. By creating a sense of community within your business, good employees stay longer and are likely to perform better. 

Creating a culture

Positive company culture takes time to form and can evolve. Here are a few ways you can start to build or further develop your ideal company culture:

  • Communicate. When establishing or developing a company culture, you need to make sure every employee is on the same page. Share your goals with the entire office, establish an idea of what they should be shooting for as a company. Afterward, check-in regularly, asking employees for feedback and making changes when necessary. Make sure you’re learning from mistakes and celebrating successes.  
  • Hire the right people. When hiring, it’s important to look past just the resume or CV. A person may have all of the necessary requirements, but if they don’t have a personality that complements the others in your office, they won’t do well. When interviewing, focus on more than just hard skills and experience. Ask candidates about their passions, their goals, interests and assess their soft skills. This will help you better determine their personality type and better gauge if and how they’ll fit into your business culture. 
  • Celebrate diversity. Good cultures need diversity. When you’re hiring the right people, make sure you’re not hiring the same person over and over. Finding employees with varying backgrounds and experiences results in new, innovative ideas.

Promoting your culture

When hiring new employees, you need to make sure they understand the company culture they’re about to enter. 

Before the interview process even begins, your company needs to promote its culture everywhere. When you reach out to a candidate, they will do their research, so your culture needs to permeate your online presence. When working with your Method Recruiting recruiter, share specific cultural highlights like the type of work environment (open and collaborative, individual offices or cubicles, etc.) and other unique norms. This will prepare the candidate for what is to come and will help them decide if it’s an opportunity they’d pursue. Keep this in mind: the more concentrated your culture is, the easier it is to promote

During the interview process, stay organized. Make sure you’re keeping your recruiter informed of decisions so they can keep the candidate informed as well. Over-communicate expectations and be prepared to describe and answer questions about the business’ culture. 
While your company culture isn’t the only reason people accept positions, one-third of candidates will decline a position if it isn’t the right culture fit.

Finding candidates who fit your culture is crucial for your business success, but having a recognizable culture is the first step. Method Recruiting specializes in finding candidates with the right skills and experience who will also understand, respect and promote company culture. From our database of highly qualified professionals, we are able to find a candidate who will complement your culture, meet your business requirements and keep your business moving forward. 

To start finding the best candidates the market has to offer, contact Method Recruiting today.

Interview Tips

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