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Marketing Certifications Recruiters Look For

Marketing Certifications

When it comes to the world of performance marketing, in-depth knowledge and a proven skillset are vital—and precisely what top recruiters look for when placing reputable candidates. 

With so much information out there, it can be confusing to know which professional marketing certifications are needed to stay on top of your game. To help narrow your focus, here are the top four certificates we look for as marketing recruiters. 

1. Google Ads

One of the most distinctive digital advertising certifications, being Google Ads certified is a prestigious mark that shows your competence in serving ads across the Google Search Network, Merchant Center and YouTube, as well as through targeting Display and Mobile ad campaigns. Essentially, you are showing that Google recognizes you as an expert in digital advertising. Getting certified is a two-step process. First, you should prepare by taking the Knowledge Check Assessment in the specialization you choose (or opting out). Next, you are required to pass the assessment. Optionally, Google offers study guides to help you brush up on any features that may be rusty.  

The guides will teach you how people use search engines, which in turn helps you when crafting your ad messaging. It will even teach you how to run an A/B Test and understand the data you gather. Overall, this certificate is an excellent investment for marketing professionals to have and shows employers that you are a systematic thinker who knows how to adapt your strategy to achieve marketing goals.

COST: Free

TIME INVESTMENT: Tests range from 90 to 120 minutes each, but most require hours of study and practice to pass at the required 80% score

2. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is an outstanding tool for any marketing professional. It is more technical then other marketing certifications, but if you can understand customer behavior and then pinpoint buying potential, it is all worth it. 

This qualification will help you get a deeper understanding of your customer base and can help drive sales when integrated with your marketing and advertising goals and strategy. 

Like Google Ads certification, you are required to pass a timed test with a score of 80% or higher to earn your qualification. 

COST: Free

TIME INVESTMENT: 1-hour test plus any studying and practice

3. HubSpot Inbound

The customer relations management (CRM) tool is remarkable and, even better, the certificate is free and will help improve your organic reach.

The organic market is more subjective and less about analytics than some other types of marketing. Hubspot provides tips and insights on using unpaid channels to generate website traffic and, ultimately, conversions. They guide you through social media strategy, email marketing, and the dos and don’ts of blogging and landing page content. 

COST: Free

TIME INVESTMENT: 2-hour test and six untimed lessons/study guides

4. Facebook Blueprint

As the largest social media channel, Facebook advertising is a useful tool when trying to position your brand and message for your audience. It should come as no surprise that there is a course designed to help you advertise effectively through Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Certification shows you have a complete understanding of the strategy and implementation required to build campaigns as well as the knowledge depth needed to accurately analyze results. 

This certificate isn’t an easy one to achieve, it takes time and industry experience—and it will cost hard-earned cash. There are three exams under this certification: Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional, Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional, and Facebook Certified Ads Product Developer I

COST: $150 each

TIME INVESTMENT: 90-105 minutes per test, plus study sessions 

Connect With Method Recruiting

These certifications plus great work experiences and skills help you stand out as a digital marketing professional. At Method Recruiting, we search extensively for the best performance marketers around to help fill needs for our clients that help them move forward in their marketing and advertising goals. 

To start finding the best candidates the market has to offer, contact Method Recruiting today.

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