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Join Our Team of Recruiters! Why You Should Grow Your Career with Method Recruiting

How might a digital recruiter help save you MONEY when hiring? 

There has never been a better time to be in the recruiting field. In December 2021, CNBC reported there were 11 million open jobs. We were in the thick of the Great Resignation, a time when the labor market supported a massive number of resignations (about 4.4 million and counting).   

All of that turnover means an opportunity for recruiters. Lately, it’s been a job market designed to facilitate great employees into even greater jobs—and that’s exactly where recruiters excel. But the hot job market also gives recruiters opportunities to find new employment. If you are a recruiter interested in a career promoting digital marketing jobs, or if you’re in another field and interested in becoming a talent acquisition specialist, this blog is for you.

Why is Recruiting a Hot Field to Get Into?

There is an insatiable demand for talent right now, and that’s not expected to change anytime soon. The recruiter is the one key player in the middle of bridging the gap between an open position and live talent. Perhaps ironically, The Wall Street Journal points out the hardest job to recruit for is the recruiter role; there simply aren’t enough good recruiters out there to go around. The need has created thousands of openings for experienced recruiters—Forbes reported in late 2021, there were 421,918 job listings for recruiters on LinkedIn. 

So, if you’re thinking about starting a recruiting career, now is probably the time. The market is hot for experienced talent acquisition specialists if you’re considering a switch. What skills do you need to do this work well? What’s it like to be a recruiter these days? 

What Skills Make You a Good Recruiter?

A recruiting career is one of the few jobs that doesn’t have a college degree associated with it. There isn’t a specific licensing or accreditation associated with the role, either. We’ve seen recruiters without higher education experience, but we also work with talent acquisition specialists with master’s degrees. The barrier to entry for the profession is low; however, the skills you’ll need to do the job well are diverse and sometimes quite technical in scope, depending on the type of recruiter you become.

Recruiters can join corporate teams. Most of the major enterprise and midlevel companies have in-hours recruiting teams. Staffing agencies are filled with talent acquisition specialists. These teams usually specialize in market niches such as IT, hospitality, transportation, engineering, and more.

For example, a marketing recruitment agency like Method Recruitment focuses on digital and growth marketing jobs, filling a necessary niche in the creative talent space. Recruiting professionals in these firms build extensive networks within their specialty area, which help them find the talent when no one else can. 

To do this, it doesn’t matter if you’re an in-house talent acquisition specialist or in a staffing agency; all recruiters share some of the same skills. We believe the best skills for a successful recruiting career include:

Soft skills

  • Strong communication ability, both in writing and verbally.
  • Tenacity and confidence to help push the candidate to the close.
  • Curiosity and a love of people.
  • Good follow-through and organizational skills.
  • Solid active listening skills.
  • Excellent ability to troubleshoot and solve problems.
  • Reliability and dependability—you do what you say you’ll do.
  • Ability to manage and balance the expectations of hiring managers, candidates, and your employer. 

Hard skills

  • Comfortable with online research.
  • Familiar with a variety of software and always willing to learn more.
  • Data-driven mentality that allows you to analyze information and act upon it.
  • Marketing skills that allow you to use social media to network.
  • Critical thinking skills that allow you to base a decision on facts as much as your gut.
  • Good with multitasking and time management and the tools that allow you to juggle simultaneous activities.
  • Strong ability to learn as you go.
  • Good networking skills both in-person and online.

Once you’ve decided you have these skills, why would you apply them to a recruiting career? What are the benefits of working in this field?

Benefits of Considering a Recruiting Career

If you’ve built a recruiting career, you already understand there are big benefits to working in this field. We believe some of the best benefits of pursuing a recruiting career extend beyond the money, which is quite lucrative, to the intangibles such as:

  • Freedom and independence. Besides sales, there are few jobs out there that allow you the kind of latitude to run your schedule. It’s a wonderfully autonomous job that lets “you do you” every single day. 
  • Variety in the tasks you’ll do every day. This isn’t a 9 to 5 job where your routine is the same each day. Every open position requires different tactics and approaches. Your routines will vary along with the challenges. It’s rare to be bored in a recruiting job.
  • Use cutting-edge technologies to source and screen candidates. From applicant tracking systems to job boards to automated marketing tools to reach more candidates, recruiters have access to some of the best software on the market today. It gives you a leg up on reaching candidates.
  • Job satisfaction in meaningful work. What do recruiters actually do? They help people by finding them a job. This, in turn, should make you feel good about the profession. It’s meaningful work that you can go home at the end of the day and feel proud of. 

No matter the reason, recruiting is a lucrative professional career. In this market, you have a choice of talent acquisition specialists and recruiting roles to choose from. We’d like you to consider working at a marketing recruitment agency like Method Recruiting. Here’s why.

Why Work at a Marketing Recruitment Agency Like Method Recruiting?

Here are some reasons that Method Recruiting is unique and a great place for recruiters to grow their careers. We offer our teams:

  • 100% remote roles that allow you to make your schedule.
  • Uncapped commissions where you can earn exactly as much as you want.
  • Unlimited paid time off to give you the work-life balance you deserve.
  • 100% 401k match up to 4% every year.
  • Home office stipend that allows you to set up a comfortable workspace.
  • Medical and dental benefits that are 75% covered by Method Recruiting—for both you and your dependents. 
  • 17 paid company holidays
  • Highly collaborative, team-oriented, and encouraging culture

Join the Method Recruiting Team

Our marketing recruitment agency focuses on digital marketing jobs in the creative talent space. If you have recruiting experience and would like to break into growth marketing staffing, we’re standing by to hear from you. We offer an excellent environment with uncapped earning potential if you’re new to the field. Let’s talk!

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