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Is a LinkedIn profile a suitable resume for Digital Marketing Professionals?

Improve and Strengthen LinkedIn Profile | Method Recruiting

Digital marketing is a highly competitive field and, as a job seeker, you want to set yourself apart while getting as many eyes as possible on your resume.  

But is a LinkedIn profile enough? Do you need more than that? Can you sufficiently showcase your work there or do you need a multi-pronged approach? 

LinkedIn is a canvas to showcase your work 

You definitely need a LinkedIn profile as many recruiters and hiring managers will not only search for talent there, but will want to see what your online presence contains if they receive and review a resume you’ve submitted through other methods.  

Managers and recruiters want to have your whole history at a glance. LinkedIn allows you to link to external pages, like your online portfolio, while also laying out your work history, meaning your previous and current employers can be verified.  

But LinkedIn also gives you the chance to show yourself as a multifaceted person. You are more than just your work: Have you done any freelance or pro bono work that can be highlighted on your LinkedIn profile to show your range? If you’re new to digital marketing, you can list your other skills and interests, including any groups in which you’re a member, to provide a better and more comprehensive idea of who you are as a person and what holds your interests.  

Help managers find you 

Remember, too, that LinkedIn can showcase recommendations and kudos from previous clients, professors, work contacts, even former employers who know your skills and strengths. This saves recruiters and managers from having to track down references and ask for recommendations — it’s all right there!  

LinkedIn also connects with and integrates with other job boards and recruitment websites: If your information is up-to-date and accessible via LinkedIn, your information can be easily reached and reviewed, saving time and trouble for someone wanting to know more about you for a job they’ve placed elsewhere.  

Plus, LinkedIn can include more information about you than you might include in a resume tailored to a specific job. It can tell a more all-encompassing story about your background and abilities than your resume alone if you take the time to fill out all the information.  

So call a photographer friend, have them take a fantastic headshot or two, make sure your resume is filled in and tells the best story of you, and utilize LinkedIn as a tool to get your name and brand out there. (Make sure there’s a link to your profile in your social media bio as well — you never know who’s looking for you and how they’re going about it!)  

If you’re searching for your next digital marketing opportunity and would like a little more help, call Method Recruiting. We know which companies are looking for talented marketers and digital creatives and can help you find one that will be a great fit for your skills. Call the team at Method Recruiting today and let’s get started!  

Interview Tips

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