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How to Keep Employees In the Loop When Hiring for Your Remote Digital Team 

Keep Employees In the Loop When Hiring for Your Remote Digital Team Method Recruiting

There’s excitement within a team when it’s time to hire a new person. But there’s also likely a backlog of work piling up on the current team’s shoulders until that new person is brought up to speed. 

Knowing full well your team is curious, it’s a good idea to at least provide some information on the interview and hiring process so everyone feels like they have a good sense of the situation. 

Here are a few ways to keep your team in the loop when hiring a new member for your remote digital marketing group. 

Talk to Them

Let’s go with the obvious one first: Have regular meetings with your team and, during those meetings, let them know that progress is being made. Maybe you have a handful of great candidates and there are interviews scheduled for this week. Great! That’s all you need to share. If you’re still looking for candidates, ask your team during these meetings if they have any friends or former colleagues that might make a good fit and encourage them to share the open position. 

Engage Them In the Interview Process

We’ve become really adept at working remotely, especially in the past few years, and technology is a great tool for keeping people connected. During the interview process, identify a few members of your current team and ask them to be involved in a short conversation with a prospective candidate. Let them meet the person and have a little conversation — it doesn’t have to be long, maybe 5-10 minutes, just enough to get a sense of the candidate, their personality and whether they might be a good fit for the team. 

Meet Individually with Them

For the people who will be working closest with the new hire, maybe the ones who will be involved in their training, schedule separate one-on-one meetings with them to go over candidates and review interviews. The team will need to work well together, especially if everyone’s remote, and establishing lines of communication and expectation early is vital. Having a few one-on-one meetings with your team can help establish what roles they’ll be playing in training the new person along with how your current employee’s strengths will help the new person get acclimated. It never hurts to offer a little praise and it helps keep people engaged in their work. 

Share Portfolios & Get Feedback

When hiring a new member of a digital marketing team, it’s possible you’ll receive some portfolios of the candidates’ work. Share these among the group and ask for their opinions. Your team might offer some valuable insight and notice things you hadn’t! They can also gauge whether someone’s creative style and vision compliments their own. 

When the new person is hired, don’t forget to get everyone together on a video call for a brief introductory chat. Send an email to the group first to let them know the search is over, then set aside time to bring them on and introduce them around. Encourage your team to schedule individual calls with their new teammate as well to help get things started on the right foot. 

Contact Our Recruiting Experts Today

If you’re looking for other ways of engaging your employees, or need help finding strong candidates to join your team, we ask that you please contact us today. Our team of professional recruiters is eager to help you find just the right person no matter what kind of marketing position you need. Call us today and let’s get started! 

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