How might a digital recruiter help save you MONEY when hiring? 

May 13, 2022 

How might a digital recruiter help save you MONEY when hiring? 

Hiring someone is an arduous process that is resource intensive in terms of time and money. But have you considered how much you might save by working with a recruiter to help you find the right candidate?  

Here’s how:  

  1. Find higher-quality candidates faster. Recruiters are professional matchmakers between companies and candidates. They take a list of qualifications and requirements their clients have for each job and scour resumes looking for people who meet the mark. They also know what the industry is looking for and what might entice top candidates to give your company consideration when they’re thinking about changing jobs, or even if they’re not looking. Working with a recruiter means adding some extra muscle to your recruiting team without having to hire a full person onto your staff.  
  1. Shortening the time it takes to hire someone. Recruiters are bringing you the highest-quality candidates who meet your needs for each position. That means all the resumes you receive will be people who can do the job. The resumes they present you will be pre-selected and vetted to make sure they have the qualifications you’re looking for, without having to sort through a mountain of applications from candidates who might be a bad fit. This allows the interview process to move faster, meaning you’ll bring someone in faster and avoid any lapses in productivity or output among your team.  
  1. Find the right candidate the first time around. Using a more open application process means you’ll have candidates applying to a job that might look good on paper and could even interview well, but might not be the right fit for your company. A recruiter develops a relationship with their clients and gets to know the culture and personality of the organization. They use this information to get a feel for applicants and candidates and can help sort out someone who might ideologically fit your existing team better — saving you the time, money and frustration associated with hiring and training someone who opts to leave within a few months.  
  1. You can focus on other work.  You’re juggling a thousand things every day. Having to set aside time from important projects to go through resumes, set up interviews, conduct background checks, schedule follow-up interviews and all the other tasks associated with hiring someone means you’ll end up temporarily behind and feeling stressed about being distracted. By working with a recruiter, you can keep more of your time dedicated to your priority projects instead! This means other important tasks won’t get sidelined or fall through the cracks as well.  

Digital recruiters are keenly aware of the demands placed on hiring managers and want to help make their stress level a little more manageable. Finding the right candidate for your company, and moving quickly to make that happen, is their top priority.  

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