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Essential Skills for Today’s Digital Marketer

Today's Digital Marketer | Method Recruiting

For today’s digital marketer, watching for the next big thing is a big part of the job. The recent, meteoric rise of TikTok is just one example of the onslaught of new tools, ready to access and build the marketing strategy of our clients’ dreams. 

But without skills to understand and implement these tools, marketing teams won’t get as far as they could. Fortunately, Method Recruiting is here to help — these are some of the skills we look for when sourcing candidates to help clients build stellar teams.


It’s a buzzword, but it’s true. Effective communication and ability to function on a team is actually deeply important for today’s digital marketer. When team members can build on each other’s energy, they push creativity to new heights. That’s deeply important to digital marketing. From brainstorming campaign ideas to workshopping concepts and phrasing, that ability to work together is everything.


Digital marketing is wholly unlike, say, factory work. There’s no assembly line. There’s no floor manager watching workers’ every move to ensure quotas are being met and efficiency is at its peak. There are processes, though, and goals. That’s why motivation is so important. 

Being driven to learn more, to read more that’s outside the scope of the immediate topic, is vital in digital marketing. Inspiration isn’t a direct, linear process, and we seek out individuals who want to ask that next question beyond what’s in front of them. 

Strategy and Management

This one is twofold. To build a plan takes strategy and to keep the plan rolling takes management. Unfortunately, up to 70 percent of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy. 

If a candidate can accurately assess the current digital presence of a company, find the weak points and bolster them, and identify key strengths to continue to use as guideposts, that’s a set of abilities every digital marketing team needs.

Not sure where to begin? The digital experts at Method Recruiting can help. Immersed in the cutting-edge San Francisco digital landscape, we cut through the noise to find the right fit for your team to deliver a structured plan to drive results you need. Contact us today to get started.

Interview Tips

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