How might a digital recruiter help save you TIME when hiring?

February 19, 2022 

Partnering with a Digital Marketing Recruiter

Time is a limited resource. No matter how efficient technology becomes, we’re always up against a clock.  

When it comes to hiring a new employee, the clock always ticks loudly: You need someone who will be a good fit for your team, who brings the right skills and experiences, and you need them quickly to help keep the workflow moving smoothly, but it’s hard to find the time to review resumes with a dozen other priority projects on the calendar.  

Consider working with a digital recruiter to streamline your process.  

  1. Digital recruiters review resumes for you. Make a list of qualifications, experience, skills and certifications your ideal candidate will have. Digital recruitment technology will scan resumes, applications, cover letters and will flag only those candidates who meet your needs. This saves you the time of hand reviewing and considering all applications, a process that can take hours.  
  1. Candidates can complete skills assessments before the first interview. Working with digital recruiting technology means you can ask for skills assessments to be completed up front, with results analyzed and only the top-scoring candidates presented for your consideration. You can identify what proficiency levels are needed for the position and any candidate whose scores are below your standard are taken out of the running. You’ll know the candidates presented to you are highly qualified in the ways you need.  
  1. Unconscious biases are eliminated. We all have preferences and loyalties in life, from our favorite brand of coffee to a beloved sports team. Using digital recruitment technology eliminates the possibility that a highly qualified candidate will be overlooked because they didn’t attend the right school, for example. This technology also allows for candidates to be viewed based on their qualifications, on their merits and abilities, an important factor in a time when companies are under scrutiny for diversity hires across gender, age, ethnicity and other sensitive parameters.  
  1. All tracking is automated. Keeping tabs on how many resumes have been received, who’s been contacted for an interview, how many more candidates need to be reviewed, etc., takes up quite a bit of time and mental energy. Using digital recruitment technology means all of that is streamlined: Every interaction is either established digitally or automatically updated as a person progresses through the interview process. It also keeps handy information about candidates who might not be a good fit for this position but might be a great addition to your team in the future. Instead of wondering whether a spreadsheet is up to date, or spending time looking for a  candidate’s contact information, it will all be right there at the tips of your fingers.  

You have more than enough obligations to juggle. Working with a digital recruiter can give you some of those precious hours back to focus on the important tasks at hand while decreasing the time needed to find and hire a great new employee.  

At Method Recruiting, we’re ready to work with you to find the highly qualified candidates you need in a flash. Our expert team is eager to assist you and show you how working with a recruiter can be an investment in your future and a great tool to make finding a new employee a more efficient and hassle-free task. Contact Method Recruiting today and let’s get to work together.  

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