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If You’re a Recruiter with Capped Commissions…You Need to Read This

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Picture this: It’s a gorgeous summer day, perfectly warm, perfectly sunny. You’re driving a stunning car, the kind that draws attention and compliments just sitting in traffic, on the open highway. Your favorite song is on the stereo, cranked for optimal singing along.  

But the car can’t go any faster than 45 miles per hour, no matter how hard you hit the gas.  

When you work as a recruiter for a company that caps your commissions, your potential is just as limited as a car that can’t even travel the speed limit.  

Putting a ceiling on your earning potential is detrimental to you, your clients, and your company.  

Some companies will cap your commission after you reach a certain threshold of revenue or secured contracts, with the idea that this is a lofty goal and one to aspire to.  

But once you hit that ceiling, your commission does not accurately reflect your hard work or effort. You’d make the same commission if you hit the ceiling or went two or three times beyond it. At that point, what is your incentive or motivation to work harder? 

A company might say capping commissions is a way to ensure consistency from their recruiters, but if you know you’re going to hit your income ceiling in June, why would a client who hasn’t heard from you in weeks answer your call?   

Consider, too, that the company benefits from your hard work. Why should it reap the rewards when you can only get a certain amount back as personal gain when you’re the one making things happen?  

If none of this sounds like fun to you, or if you’re wondering whether a recruiter has any other choice but to settle for this arrangement, think again.  

Some firms, like Method Recruiting, believe that your potential is limitless — and your earning possibility should be too. Our team wants you to be rewarded for all the work you do, every client you secure, every contract you help draft because we know that it’s your diligence and charm that helped seal the deal. You should enjoy your success as much as the company benefits from it!  

Method Recruiting does not cap commissions: your ambition is your only limit when it comes to your earning potential.  

Half the fun of driving a sporty car on an open highway in the summer is pushing the limits of your abilities and the thrill of the adventure. Why not join the team at Method Recruiting and see how far your potential can go? Call us today to start the ride.  

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