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Digital Marketing During COVID-19

Engaging Your Audience During COVID-19: 4 Ways to Connect with Digital Marketing

The COVID-19 virus hampered the U.S. economy and now, more than any other time in history, digital marketing is essential in maintaining a company or organization’s viability. Promoting awareness and online engagement will prepare audiences for real-world activation once business returns to their usual statuses. The following are four ways in which digital marketing agencies can respond to these uncertain times, regardless of operating budget or location.

1. Use Online Interactions to their Full Potential

Your audience might not have access to the physical premises of an organization or it’s service providers, but while many are sheltered in place and at home, remotely working or preparing for a return to business, they have access to the internet. Due to this isolation, they are much more likely to be putting it to use for a variety of purposes. As such, the time for higher potential online engagement is now. It is the optimum time to find creative ways to engage, entertain and inform your current audience, as well as form some new connections with an expanded media presence made possible by smart spending on outside-the-box and relevant digital marketing

2. Be Selective in Local Markets

At this point in time, audiences are not visiting most local entities, businesses or otherwise. Immediacy will not be a factor until the majority of the economy is functioning at full capacity. Strategically deferring paid media pursuits that would typically have short lead times allows for those funds to be used at more opportune times and to see real return on a marketing investment. 

3. Focus Less on Immediate Gains

The inclination to spend seasonally, pumping dollars into digital marketing campaigns centered around cultural calendar events, does not function with the current stationary state of the market and those consumers living within it. The current environment calls for a maintenance of mission and preserving the attention of the audience until their inevitable reactivation. Maintaining high levels of awareness is paramount. 

4. Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

The current state of things has great potential, but along the way, there are increased chances of volatility and even failure. Fear is understandable, but how you use that fear may very well determine what position your firm is in once the economy bounces back to an advantageous position. The arenas in which digital marketing is being disseminated and distributed seem to be changing quickly, so one must observe and respond accordingly. Stay engaged and respond to the concerns of your audience with helpful and functional information, preparing them for reestablished economic and social normalcy. 

Find Your Next Opportunity with Method Recruiting

At Method Recruiting, we want all our digital marketing partners to do everything they possibly can to make it through this difficult time, to see opportunities to maintain awareness, and to come out of this with the ability to continue producing great work. Is your firm ready to handle the inevitable demand? Let’s have a conversation and discuss how we can best assist you in preparing for a bright future.

Interview Tips

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