Digital Marketing Challenges: Cross-Discipline Talent Solutions

February 19, 2020 

Digital Marketing Challenges: Cross-Discipline Talent Solutions

Digital marketing challenges have arisen as a result of new and developing technologies. Marketing talent has taken on new roles to compensate. In many ways, marketing has partnered with sales. Well-run campaigns can encourage increased sales and stimulate company growth. The new form of marketing talent can include customer experience management, writing, editing, and analysis. The leadership needed to meet these challenges will need to be a blend of all the roles digital marketing professionals have come to embody.

1. The Strategist

The digital marketing challenges taken on by the strategist are planning, advising, or carrying out successful marketing campaigns. This role is already cross-disciplinary. They must be not only familiar with the technology, but they must utilize it in original and creative ways. The strategist must be informed and ahead of the proverbial curve, capitalizing on the market trends before they reach their peak. They coordinate marketing platforms such as SEO, paid media, and content into one solid, actionable plan. Bringing even more skill into this set, they must analyze the successes and failures of their campaign, assessing how their team progresses forward. 

2. The Creative Professional

If you have a company, you have a brand. You may not be aware of it, but if you are trying to sell the products and services your company provides, you should have a precise idea of what your brand says about you. The digital marketing space has an abundance of contact. When a consumer makes contact, it is vital a company or marketing agency be in total control of the visual, verbal, and experimental cues that are representative of who you are as a brand and what you offer the world.

A proficient brand is constructed to dictate the terms. It is created to control how a product is received and in the long term promote purchase and investment. The digital marketing challenges a creative professional meets are rooted in creating and adapting based upon perception, turning something ordinary into something exceptional with the right turn of a phrase.

3. The Analyst

The analyst may be the most labor-intensive aspect of the modern digital marketing professional’s disciplines. A digital marketing analyst gathers data and general information that can accurately summarize their customer base and markets they are interested in penetrating. They document the data collected and its sources, analyze it to determine trends and reveal their insights through reports that hopefully and meaningfully impact their company. Their goal should be to communicate their findings in relevant, accessible, and useful ways

The analyst must not only have a grasp of statistics, mathematics, and analytics; they must have the communication skills to tell a compelling and visual story with their numbers. All the data collected and reports compiled should ultimately contribute to future business decisions, helping their company to answer key research questions and determine which selected strategies can overcome digital marketing challenges. 

4. The Leader

The leader or more specifically, the digital marketing managers should contain all of the characteristics mentioned above. They should be a strategic thinker, understanding why people invest in products and services, acutely aware of key business opportunities. They should be the analyst, capable of understanding big data and distilling that information through accessible and engaging methods. They should implement creative solutions to problems, taking risks on innovative and out-of-the-box solutions, backed up by a strategic mind and confirmed by carefully collected analytics. The leader uses technology, these interdisciplinary skills, and experience to guide their teams toward meeting digital marketing challenges, turning ordinary messages into extraordinary profit.

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