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Candidate Ghosting in the Marketing Industry

candidate ghosting

There is a phenomenon plaguing the recruiting world: candidate ghosting. 

The term “ghosting” is a popular phrase used in the online dating community to describe unresponsive dates who disappear without an explanation. The behavior is also being observed in the professional world as candidates fail to show during the interview process or employees quit without notice. Whether by a potential love interest or by a potential employee, being ghosted can be frustrating, but when it comes to running your business, losing talent can be a major hang up in moving forward. 

The scope of the issue

Many industries have observed this disappearing act from current and potential employees alike. Most occurrences happen during the interview process or within the first six months of accepting a position. Half of all job seekers believe it is reasonable to ghost potential employers, especially if they aren’t interested in the position being offered. The marketing and media industries are some of the most likely victims of this trend, as 28 percent of applicants stop communicating during the interview process. Even worse, these industries have seen an increase in current employees abandoning their positions without notice. Nearly a quarter of industry professionals have admitted to ghosting employers in the past. 

However, job seekers and employees are not the only ones contributing to the problem. In fact, 30 percent of employers in the advertising industry alone are guilty of ghosting candidates. In other words, all parties are contributing to an epidemic that can be detrimental to a successful business. 

Why is this happening?

As the aforementioned statistic explains, this is not a new thing. Employers have a long history of not following up with candidates and leaving them hanging, but now the tables have turned. Where the job market was once dominated by employers who had few jobs to offer but an abundance of candidates from which to choose, employers are now struggling to find applicants. 

Unemployment is the lowest it’s been in decades, meaning there are a lot of open positions with no candidates to fill them. Marketing professionals feel they have a plethora of opportunities if they’re wanting to switch careers, so why waste time communicating with a company they aren’t truly interested in joining?

While 71 percent of candidates have ghosted a potential employer because they received another offer, 19 percent did so because of things they heard about the company. Negative reviews of a company from customers, current team members or former employees can make candidates lose interest. 

What you can do

No one wants to be ghosted and there are ways to prevent it from happening to your business. The key is communication. When making sure candidates stick through the interview process, make sure they’re aware of how that process will go. Make interviews as streamlined as possible to better ensure you don’t lose their interest. If a process is too long, they’re likely to move on. 

After an offer is made and before the first day, keep them connected to the business. Sixty-six percent of managers claim they’ve offered a position only for the new hire to never show up on their first day. Make sure new hires are creating the network they’ll need when they start and know what kind of daily tasks they should expect. 

Since most turnover occurs in the first six months of employment, make sure you’re also communicating with them frequently and effectively in those first few months. Most quit because they’re frustrated with the job; this could be due to bad clients, mistakes they’ve made, problems with co-workers or because the job they’re doing doesn’t align with the one they were hired to do. Discussing these issues with employees will decrease your chances of being ghosted by great talent and having to start the process over again.

Finding reliable candidates is crucial to making sure your business thrives. With Method on your side, you have an extra set of hands in the hiring process. We identify talented professionals who are dedicated to performance and can help advance your company to the next level. We work with the candidate from the first interview all the way to the first day on the job, keeping them engaged and excited about working with your organization. Contact us today to see how Method can help with your next hire. 

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