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A Case for Making Digital Marketing Jobs Remote

Method Recruiting | A Case for Making Digital Marketing Jobs Remote

Making digital marketing jobs remote has met with resistance. In fact, in most industries, the idea of taking work out of a centralized location has been looked upon with a skeptical eye. The main argument against working remotely is that the office environment is one of productivity and stepping out of that traditional workspace would result in a lack of productivity—ultimately associated with an increased level of distraction from non-work-related sources.

The observable reality is just the opposite.

The office environment is potentially one of constant distractions. The open office environment first pioneered by German industrial engineers removed walls and increased effective communication between company teams. The discovered bonus of the practice was that an increased number of employees could be shoved under one roof, reducing the amount of space necessary to house the company and literally reducing overhead.

A concept meant to increase functionality and productivity accomplished and continues to accomplish just the opposite. Not only is the office environment full of concentration detractors—idle conversation, constant interruptions from coworkers, loud associates in close proximity—but its theme is often one of uniformity and compliance.  Workers are individuals and perform best when they can customize their working environments to better serve their unique work process. A bright, highly populated office with constant noise can be a perfect environment for some employees to thrive—but for others, this kind of environment is an absolute detriment. 

Making digital marketing jobs remote not only allows each contributor to pick a workspace that functions best for them, but it also allows a company or organization to devote more resources toward competitive compensation by reducing brick-and-mortar costs more efficiently than the open office model. In recent studies, most workers found that when given the option to work beyond the office their happiness levels increased and, with them, a correlating shift in productivity.

The Crippling Nature of Confirmation Bias 

Every modern company promotes diversity and inclusion, creating executive-level office roles tasked with running essential diversity and inclusion programs, building and diversifying their company culture, ensuring their continued relevance within their respective communities. Digital marketing is no different. However, location is almost never a factor when we talk about diversity. It is a gross oversight and potentially limiting to the level at which an organization can operate and interact with the best possible talent.

A typical company will endeavor to hire a qualified employee who adds diversity to its workforce. Making digital marketing jobs remote, working with more permanent placement and contract-based freelancers especially, would not only diversify contributors based on increased points of contact alone but would also allow for talent to be pulled on a global scale, not based upon the resources available in a limited local area.

More and more companies, organizations and digital marketing agencies are endeavoring to hire more women and people of color to diversify their voice and content and bring their clients a product that is attractive and speaks to a maximized audience. Working remotely is an economically sensible and culturally essential practice that will and should become more prominent with the access provided by the increasing power and mobility of digital technology.

We Have Top Talent Waiting For You

At Method Recruiting, we understand the increasing importance of making digital marketing jobs remote, and the variety and flexibility it offers. Our network of talent has not only a national but a global reach to provide you with the multitude of voices your company needs to promote and convey truly effective marketing. Connect with our team today!

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