Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Become a Digital Marketing Recruiter

January 13, 2023 

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Become a Digital Marketing Recruiter Method Recruiting

If you’re looking to make a new start in the new year, but aren’t sure where to go next or what to do, it might be time to consider a brand new career in a totally different field. 

Like jumping into the exciting and expanding world of digital marketing recruiting! 

A digital marketing recruiter helps bring together highly talented marketing experts with firms looking to expand their teams, a satisfying job in which you’ll know you’re helping people live their dreams while also assisting in the success of a great company. 

Here are some points to consider: 

  1. It’s a booming field.  Did you know there are 2-4 million new businesses opening, or filing documents of incorporation, each year? That’s millions of new companies looking for marketing help, whether through an in-house department or an external agency. That also means companies need support, new talent and help in finding the best candidates. You could be the person helping make those teams whole (more on that in a moment)! Digital marketing, after all, is the best way to reach a targeted audience and expand a business, meaning as a recruiter, your services will be in high demand.
  2. Companies need your help — the sooner the better. There’s been a 12.2% increase in marketing job growth in the past year, with another 10% increase expected in 2023. At the same time, LinkedIn reports having a record-breaking number of positions for “digital marketing specialist” recently, ranking it among the most in-demand positions for the year based solely on how many companies are looking to hire people with that job title. That means they could really use your help in finding the best candidates, instead of spending their time searching and searching for someone who fits their needs. 
  3. Remote work is the way of the future. After the pandemic, companies have adapted to the benefits of working remotely or in a hybrid fashion. As a digital marketing recruiter, that means you’ll have the option of working wherever you are, for companies across the country, helping them find candidates who live in any corner of the world. The limits of an in-person office are gone by the wayside; this flexibility is as good for your clients as it is the prospective candidates they’re looking to hire. You get to be the conduit looking for the best possible new employee, not worrying about where they live or where the office is located. And it means you can align yourself with an agency anywhere! 
  4. There’s a low barrier to entry. Most jobs have certain work experience required, including how long a person has been employed in a given industry. With digital marketing, it’s still a new and evolving field, meaning there won’t be a 10+ year experience expectation for someone who wants to get into digital marketing recruiting. Are you energetic, eager to learn, ready to dive in and take ownership of a new career? This could be exactly what you’re looking for! There’s plenty of on-the-job training opportunities and, if you’re excited about what you do, there’s plenty of room to grow the job into a career.

If you’re looking to make a change, while making good money, and you like bringing people together, being a digital marketing recruiter could be just the ticket! 

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