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Why Now Is a Good Time to Consider a Career in Paid Media

Why Now Is As Good a Time As Ever to Consider a Career in Paid Media

If you’re thinking about a new career but have no idea where to start, consider working in paid media. 

What’s paid media? Think about the most recent product you’ve searched for online. Later, when scrolling an article or going through your social media feed, did you see an ad for that exact thing? That’s paid media. It’s utilizing a person’s interests and search queries as a way to better market to their individual needs in that particular moment. 

Here’s why now is a great time to consider a career in paid media: 

It’s an evolving market with no limits.

Every company needs marketing and advertising. If you’re a creative thinker who has big ideas, working in advertising means you get to use those skills to tell great stories and share information to people who are interested in the item or service.

Like making videos? Enjoy creating memes? All of that, and more, can be utilized in paid media. 

It’s a data-driven industry that changes quickly.  

Analyzing information, seeing patterns and trends, and understanding the way consumers are thinking all make paid marketing a very effective and in-demand concept. People who can utilize these skills are highly valued by employers. 

It’s great for strategic thinkers.

Going hand-in-hand with the data-driven aspect, people who think strategically and are able to come up with a series of unique ideas are going to do well in paid marketing. If x doesn’t work, let’s try y. If y works well, adding to the budget will result in an even more successful campaign.

Being prepared and ready to forecast how things will work will make you a great paid marketer. 

It’s a growing field.

Paid marketing didn’t exist 30 years ago. The internet brought it to us but social media has helped it take off. Now, it’s a highly in-demand career and companies are clamoring to find skilled people who get it. It also pays well!

Plus, as your experience and skills grow, you’ll have incontrovertible proof that your methods and concepts are effective and that you can react to the changing demands of customers, clients and consumers. 

It helps build relationships.

Marketing, at its core, is telling people stories and showing a glimpse of a different life. When you work in paid marketing, you’re telling people about things that are already of interest to them and helping them make informed decisions. You also have the chance to introduce them to products and concepts they might not know exist, helping them find new companies and efforts that can enhance their lives. You’ll be saving them time while making their busy lives easier. Who wouldn’t appreciate that? 

Paid marketing via digital avenues is not just the future of marketing, it’s the most effective method of reaching customers today. It will continue to grow and build and become even more personalized as technology becomes more sophisticated. 

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Ready to learn more and get started in the exciting world of digital paid marketing? Our digital marketing experts and recruiters can help you get started in your new career. Contact our experts at Method Recruiting today and let’s get to work. 

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