Where Does LinkedIn Rank When it Comes to Digital Recruiting?

November 17, 2022 

Where Does LinkedIn Rank When it Comes to Digital Recruiting?

When it comes to recruiting new candidates for open positions, even before you need to fill a vacancy, few tools are as important to digital recruiters as LinkedIn.

It changed the job searching game for both companies and candidates, and it did so quickly: All the pertinent information on both sides of the equation are available, in a professional presentation, with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Job candidates can learn about a company’s reputation, their expertise, their latest developments, news and successes, by reviewing a LinkedIn profile. They can read reviews from current and former employees to get a sense of a company’s culture, their standards and what it’s like to work there. They can immediately get an impression of whether this is a place they’d like to work or whether it’s a company to avoid.

For companies and organizations, it’s a way to see a person’s work history, their skills, certifications, their educational history and whether they’re looking to be approached about new opportunities. Even if a person is happy in their career and in their current position, LinkedIn allows them to indicate whether they’re open to conversations about other positions, without having to seek them out.

The ability to find candidates when a company isn’t in need of hiring, even if the person isn’t actively looking to make a change, is, in itself, a game changer. It brings the world of candidates to a recruiter’s, or company’s, desktop, instantly and seamlessly.

Here are a few important stats about LinkedIn to remember:

  • LinkedIn has some 1.2 billion users worldwide, all of them with their professional information, interests, skills, location, education, background and training available just by clicking on their profile.
  • Some 60% of LinkedIn users are between the ages of 25 and 34, meaning they’re professional, career-driven adults who have a few years of work experience under their belts but are thinking about their future, looking to keep their skills sharp, network and want to advance their careers and make a good living while building their future.
  • A whopping 49 million people around the world are using LinkedIn each week to look for jobs. Each week! That means resumes are constantly being uploaded, adjusted, tweaked and improved in the hopes of finding the right opportunity to make a change in their lives — or for the right company to find them and reach out.
  • An average of 77 job applications are submitted through LinkedIn every second, with six people successfully being hired for a job they’ve found by using the site.
  • LinkedIn is not just a powerful recruitment tool, but a networking platform: 15.4 billion networking, educational and discussion opportunities took place on LinkedIn in the second quarter of fiscal year 2022.

It’s free for companies to post job ads on LinkedIn, but to further your reach, you can use your advertising budget to boost your ads and be seen by even more potential job candidates.

LinkedIn also makes it easy for you to best identify and use keywords most closely associated with your company, putting your information in front of more people and gaining more attention from potential candidates.

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool specially designed for professional use, both on the employer and employee side. It’s more than just a job board; it’s a networking platform in which people share their successes, their expectations and allows them to build relationships that can lead to bright futures.

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