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What’s the #1 Way to Retain Employees in 2023? The Answer May Surprise You

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The past few years have been difficult as workers’ priorities have changed, along with their views on work and what matters to them. Your company may have noticed an increase in turnover and increased talk of people leaving. 

While this is concerning, there is a way to turn the tide and keep the employees you have! 

The best way to keep the staff you already have, and encourage them to stay for the long term, is by providing them opportunities they might feel they need to leave to obtain. 

Employees want to feel as if they have room to grow, that their ambition will be appreciated and supported, and that their desire to keep their skills sharp will be encouraged. 

While not every employee can be promoted to a managerial position on the same team — there’s only so much room, after all — there are ways to help foster a sense of leadership while encouraging your employees to learn new skills. 

Instead of thinking they need to change jobs to have the opportunity to add to their skill set, many employers are offering financial and educational incentives to keep their employees where they are. It’s this kind of support in your employee’s futures that inspires a sense of confidence and appreciation in your team, and with that often comes a sense of loyalty. If a manager is willing to support an employee who wants to learn new capabilities and take on more tasks, providing them time to undergo training and the opportunity to move up or expand their title to represent their new role, employees are more willing to stay rooted. 

Employees who know they have room to grow, that there’s an opportunity to advance and be promoted without having to change jobs and learn a new company all over again, it’s a great incentive to stay in a place they already know. If they can get all they want now, and potentially into the future, why would they leave? 

It’s important, too, to make sure your team feels appreciated, respected and that their hard work is acknowledged. Yes, working to gain a promotion or a pay increase is something an employee does to benefit their career, but they don’t necessarily want to feel like their efforts are being taken for granted. It costs nothing to give praise and show appreciation for a job well done, especially as someone takes on new responsibilities and learns the new ropes of their job.

Further, make it a priority and a policy that employees are welcome, and encouraged, to share their new ideas with you and the management team. Just the willingness to consider something new can be reassuring to employees that otherwise feel like their opinion and ideas are not wanted.

If you’ve built a solid, hard-working team that contributes to your success, the best way to keep them on board is to offer them what your competition would. It’s like getting a new job without having to fill out paperwork! Plus, their happiness could help you attract new candidates when positions open up — happy employees tell their friends about why they like their job. 

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