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What Does a Digital Marketing Recruiter Look for In Candidates?

What Does a Digital Marketing Recruiter Look for In Candidates? Method Recruiting

Are you looking to find a new position in 2023? Have you been looking for a while and it’s not going as well as you’d like, or maybe you’re just too busy to dedicate the kind of time needed to find the best option? 

It might be that you’re just not catching the right eyes — like those of a digital marketing recruiter. 

Here are some tips on how to make your work more attractive to digital marketing recruiters, who are always scrolling, clicking and scouring for the best candidates for their clients. 

Make your portfolio stand out.

How does your website look? Is your Instagram profile filled with your best work, or is it a mish-mash of work projects, personal photos and sunsets? However you showcase your work, utilize only your best pieces, the most eye-catching designs, the campaigns that won awards or showcase your growth. 

Show your range.

Even if you specialize in one particular kind of work, show that you’re flexible and adaptable. Employers want to know you can work in various kinds of concepts: Traditional might be really important to one marketing firm, while another is more daring and looking for someone unafraid to try new things. All of this speaks to your skills and your ability to learn and grow as a marketer, designer, artist or writer. Marketing is all about changing and growing; show that you’ve done this and that you’re excited for new opportunities. 

Play up your communication skills.

You need to sell yourself and your talent, first and foremost. How does your resume look? Do you include communication skills on it? How does your cover letter look? Keep in mind, part of your interview process will begin with the written and verbal communication you have with your potential employer or a digital recruiter working on their behalf. People who can highlight their best work in a clear, effective manner, making it undeniable that they are the right person for the job because they understand the position and are excited about it, while also showing how their skill set can compliment the team the company already has, are the ones who will successfully land new jobs faster. 

Talk up your abilities and expertise.  

What are you really good at? What makes you a marketer that a company will want to work with? Were you an early adopter of a social media platform and have grown your own audience by having your finger on the pulse of what people are doing and talking about? Do you have a keen sense of the next big thing — whether that’s ad copy, design tools, artistic trends, etc? You want to show that you’re up-to-date on all the latest tools, techniques, practices and platforms. Companies need to know they’re getting more than just a single-faceted person; they want to bring someone on who will take their current marketing work and elevate it. 

Be the bridge.

Marketers connect people with companies. They tell stories, they create landscapes, they build worlds in which customers want to participate and feel included. How do you do that? What’s your special gift that makes you a good marketer, that helps entice people to buy this product, or try that item, or do their business with this company over that one? If you have data to back up your wins, that’s even better, because it proves your worth to a potential employer. Show off your ability to bring customer and company together; it can make all the difference. 

Digital marketing recruiters are always looking for top talent to bring to their clients, even if their partners aren’t looking to hire anyone right at that moment. Show off your abilities and make yourself irresistible and you’ll catch the right attention quickly.

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