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Trends to Pay Attention to In the Back End of 2022 for Digital Recruiters

Trends for Digital Recruiters to Account for In the Back End of 2022

Digital marketing recruiters have an ever-evolving job in an ever-changing world. Trying to stay on top of everything can be challenging, but here’s what to look for in the second half of 2022. 

Remote work is still in demand.

We learned over the past two-plus years that workers want the flexibility to live where they want and work where they are. This won’t change — and that’s great for digital marketing recruiters. Your clients are looking for talented marketing professionals and now they have access to the best people from all over the country, without geographical limits. This can lead to even more qualified candidates applying for open positions. 

More outreach efforts to passive candidates.

The best candidates for jobs might not even be looking. That doesn’t mean they can’t be lured away — for the right offer. Reviewing online profiles on social media platforms like LinkedIn can help find top talent. They might not be actively looking for a new job but are willing to hear what you have to say. Making more of an effort to reach out to talented people and gauging their interest in the open positions you’re looking to fill takes a little more work, but the results can be outstanding for your clients. It’s also a great way to add to your pool of contacts and build relationships when there are no positions open, speeding the time to hire when something becomes available. 

Incorporating technology to review candidate information.

Reviewing resumes is a time-consuming process, but technology can help speed it up. Utilizing software to create a more level playing field, looking only at qualifications, keywords and terms deemed priorities for your clients can help separate out applications and eliminate those that don’t measure up. Adopting automation and artificial intelligence also helps to eliminate unconscious bias, presenting qualified candidates based on their skills with no preference given for location, gender, age and other factors. 

New skills are in demand.

Digital marketing is more than just writing copy and coming up with color schemes. There’s increased demand for analytical skills, including the ability to track and anticipate trends in marketing practices on social media and digital campaigns. The use of search engine optimization isn’t an exact science but can help get campaigns in front of targeted audiences in a much more meaningful way. Marketers with these skills — or people with these skills who have never worked in marketing before — will be in high demand. 

Look for these titles to continue to dominate the market.

In addition to analytic experts, jobs for copywriters, content specialists, graphic designers, digital marketing managers and other tried-and-true cornerstones of the industry will be in highest demand by companies looking to hire. 

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Are you ready to keep up with these trends? We are. Method Recruiting is prepared to stay ahead of the curve and help find the best candidates for our clients and we’re always looking for new digital marketing experts ready to do the same. Call Method Recruiting today and let’s work together to stay ahead of the curve. 

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