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Struggling to Find Top Talent in the Digital Marketing Sector? Consider These 3 Ideas

Struggling to Find Top Talent in the Digital Marketing Sector? Consider These 3 Ideas Method Recruiting

It’s a familiar concern among hiring managers: How can we know we’re attracting the best candidates, the top talent, when a position opens? 

If the candidates you’re receiving aren’t up to your standards, or you’re not getting enough resumes for open positions, it might be time to consider changing things up. 

Here are three ideas to try when looking to add talent to your digital marketing team. 

Make your company more attractive to prospective hires.

In order to draw in talented people, you want to create an environment where people want to be. You want a workplace with a strong, supportive corporate culture, one in which people feel supported in their creative efforts, unafraid to try new things and take risks. A positive work environment creates employees who are energized and excited about what they’re doing, eager to come to work and ready to take on whatever projects come their way. They’ll talk online about how great their company is, passing along their successes and talking it up to their friends (more on that in a moment). People who move on from the company will leave positive reviews, further boosting your company’s online reputation. All of this works together to create a blockbuster environment that people will be lining up to join. 

Ask for referrals.

Happy employees like to talk about how great their job and company are, because they know not everyone is as lucky. If your team is strong, supported and happy, why not ask them to tell their networks about job openings? People who like where they work will tell their friends and encourage them to apply, and those kinds of personal recommendations are a great way to draw new talent. If you don’t have a referral policy in place yet, make it worth your employee’s while by offering an incentive for anyone they refer who joins the company and stays for at least a few months. That’s a win-win for everyone! 

Turn to specialized job boards.

It’s great to post openings on your website. That’s a solid and easy first step. But there are so many more options out there. Consider posting to your local college job board, or work with online groups of creative and artistic people. Find LinkedIn groups for marketers and get involved in discussions there, establishing your company’s presence, and then share open positions there. Turn to social media as well, with digital advertising aimed at people with the skills you’re looking for and within the geographic range that makes the most sense — or open it nationally if you’re embracing the remote work wave that’s a leading practice most companies are at least considering. There are specific job boards and communities for nearly every type of profession and you can find the talent you’re looking for by targeting them in that way. 

The highly talented people you’re looking for are out there. They might be looking to make a change right now, just as you’re looking to hire them. Expand your efforts and be creative in how you describe your position and enjoy the results! 

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If you need to hire someone in a hurry, contact us at Method Recruiting today. We specialize in finding and working with highly skilled digital marketers and can help you find available talent quickly so you don’t miss a beat. Call us today and let’s get started. 

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