Questions to Ask Yourself When Re-Evaluating Your Digital Marketing Strategy

July 21, 2022 

Questions to Ask Yourself When Re-Evaluating Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Whether it’s annually, quarterly or monthly, it is critical to re-evaluate your digital marketing strategy from time to time to make sure it’s effective and serving its purpose. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself, and your team, as you review your strategy. 

What are we trying to accomplish, and is our current strategy meeting those goals?

Having a set of key objectives that are measurable and traceable is important; knowing whether your current strategy is moving the needle towards those goals is even more so. If your current strategy is exceeding all expectations, fantastic! If you’re falling short in some areas, consider what changes can be made to increase efficacy. 

Is our current strategy putting our campaign in front of the right people?

Every marketing effort has a target audience in mind. Are your efforts successfully reaching those people? Tracking technology can help you determine whether the right eyes are seeing your ads, or hearing your message; if your current strategy isn’t hitting the mark, it’s time to reconsider. 

Is the strategy sufficiently optimized?

The use of search engine optimization is not a neat and tidy science, but it is an effective tool for getting your marketing efforts in front of your targeted audience. An analytics report can help determine the best keywords to match what people are looking for to help direct them to your campaign. 

Are we fully utilizing our budget?

After a strategy has been in place for a while, you can determine whether some funds should be reallocated to different digital approaches. Maybe your campaign on social media is tracking really well, while banner ads on websites are falling short. Changing things around mid-campaign to provide more support to a high-performing portion of your strategy is a good investment and a wise move. 

Is our call to action strong enough?

Asking people to click a link is fine. But do they feel compelled to do so? Is there a more engaging or energizing phrase to use that might drive traffic? Consider the overall tone and approach and ask whether you’d engage with that content if you were someone outside your company. Does the content excite you or make you curious? Or does it get lost in the noise? 

Digital marketing is nimble and needs to respond in real-time when something isn’t working. Taking the time to evaluate your marketing strategy is a smart way to make sure you’re effectively reaching your targeted audience and getting the most for the investment you’ve made in the campaign. 

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