Looking to make impact hires? Here are 3 ways a digital marketing recruiter can help

June 9, 2022 

Looking to make impact hires? Here are 3 ways a digital marketing recruiter can help

When you’re looking to hire a new employee, the thought of sorting through a pile of resumes and applications and conducting endless interviews can feel daunting, even less trouble than it’s worth.

But it doesn’t have to be. It can be a streamlined process, custom-tailored to find exactly the strongest candidates with the attributes, experience, and background you’re looking for.

How is this possible? By working with a digital marketing recruiter to help create a campaign and job descriptions to help you find the perfect person.

Here’s how digital recruiters can help:

  1. They help get your company’s name in front of the right candidates to attract attention and interest. It’s so important to go after passive candidates — people not actively looking for jobs at the moment — when you’re looking for a high-impact hire. You want someone who is familiar with your line of work, someone good at their job and looking to try something new that builds on what they’re already doing. These candidates aren’t actively seeking new employment, so they won’t be reading job postings. These employees can be tracked down in places like LinkedIn, where recruiters can match keywords for your job description to people with those same words in their profile. Your recruiter will know what skills, expertise, and experience you’re looking for, so they’ll know when to send a friendly hello and invitation to get a conversation started.
  2. They’re only looking for the kind of candidates you want to find. When you work with a recruiter, you establish what you’re looking for in an ideal candidate. You provide your wish list of attributes, from the big picture to the smallest detail, then hand it off to someone who will dedicate their time to searching for people who fit those criteria. Anyone who fits the list will be contacted or, if the position is open and the resumes are sent to your recruiter, resumes will be passed on to you from those candidates who best match up with what you’re looking for.
  3. They streamline the interview process in several ways to save you time. Recruiters can take a first look at the resume received for your position. But they can do so much more than that: they can separate out those candidates who aren’t quite right from those who are better qualified. Recruiters can also help with early-round interviews, skills assessments, aptitude tests, and any kind of screening demands you might need to bring to your desk the most highly skilled, qualified candidates. This means you don’t have to interview 50 people for a job; you might only have to talk with five or six candidates. That saves you time you’d otherwise have to spend away from your actual work. Recruiters also can make sure the job description you’re releasing specifically spells out who should apply to the position, cutting down the number of unqualified applicants and further speeding the process.

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Hiring a new employee is tricky, time-consuming work. Teaming up with a digital marketing recruiter can help speed the whole process, letting you find the best-qualified candidate faster and bring them on board more quickly.

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