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Looking to Better Promote Your Digital Marketing Agency? Use This Proven Advice

Looking to Better Promote Your Marketing Agency? Use This Proven Advice

You’ve brought together a talented team of digital experts, social-native creative thinkers and imaginative, effective storytellers to give your marketing agency an edge over the competition. 

The only problem is, while your team is great at promoting your clients, your agency could use a little help promoting itself. 

Here are a few ways to better promote your agency. 

  1. Referrals.

    One of the best ways to get your agency’s name out there is by your happy clients spreading the word. Consider instituting a referral policy, in which new clients brought in by current clients result in some kind of bonus or discount on your existing client’s next project. Don’t hesitate to ask your clients for referrals — if they’re happy with the work you’re doing, and you’re demonstrating your ability to be successful, they should be glad to share the wealth. 
  2. Testimonials.

    This goes hand-in-hand with referrals: Ask your clients if they’re happy with your work. Make it possible for your clients to leave feedback on each project and get their permission, up front, to publish any positive comments they leave. Incorporate their praises into your own marketing strategy for your agency, using those comments on social media, your website, LinkedIn and wherever else you’re promoting your services. Good news and positive feedback is well worth sharing as it builds trust with people looking for a reputable agency to work with on their future projects.
  3. Show your work.

    You know how much you’ve done for your clients. But have you ever tooted your own horn by publishing case studies? Put in proverbial print how effective your strategies and methods are. Show off your wins. Make publicly available on your company’s website the results of  long- and short-term campaigns and how well your agency completed its deliverables and how effective your strategies were in meeting your client’s goals. 
  4. Focus on what’s working well.

    Marketing agencies try to be all things to all people. That’s understandable, but it might leave your team feeling taxed and burned out. If there’s an aspect of your agency that is holding back your positive percentages, drop it. If certain strategies are falling short, cut them. Adapt to the current trends and environments and promote those successful tactics instead. This will also allow your team to shine even more, helping them build their confidence and giving them more time to focus on what’s working well. Also, as more companies consider changing course to building in-house agencies, talk about what your company does well and the expertise you keep under your roof that might be overwhelming to a well-intentioned but less (or differently) skilled in-house team. 
  5. Take care of your business too.

    It’s a great problem to have: Your agency is so busy with an expanding client base that suddenly it’s been six months or a year (or longer!) and your website hasn’t been updated in the least. None of the awards you’ve won have been posted on social media or added to your website. How will new clients, or even your existing ones, know how much of a rock star team you’ve assembled, and how well you’re doing for your clients, if you don’t talk about it? If your website looks outdated or isn’t kept current, it could dissuade even current clients from sticking around. It’s like being a caregiver to a person going through an illness: If you’re not taking care of yourself, how can you take care of someone else? Give your website and social media a refresh — it doesn’t have to be dramatic, just a little sprucing up — from time to time and help build a confident client base. 

Looking to expand your agency’s reach? See how Method Recruiting can help. 

It’s great to keep your team aware of your successes and to celebrate internally when things go well. But if you don’t share your story with the world, your business will stagnate. It’s possible to do as great a job promoting your agency as you do promoting your clients, it just takes a little time and creative thinking. Good thing you’ve built an excellent team for that! 

If you’re looking for more advice on how to polish your star, call Method Recruiting. Our team of digital marketing experts is standing by ready to share with you some best practices and new ideas to help expand your client base and reach new heights. Contact Method Recruiting today! 

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