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Looking for More Qualified Digital Marketing Candidates? Here’s How a Recruiter Can Help

Looking for More Qualified Digital Marketing Candidates? Here's How a Recruiter Can Help Method Recruiter

It’s a tough market out there for hiring managers. Highly talented digital marketers are in demand, putting your firm in competition with others from the very start. 

But it’s not hopeless! You just need a little help from a digital marketing recruiter. 

Here’s how a digital marketing recruiter can help find and secure the most talented new candidates for your open positions — or maybe positions that you don’t even have available yet. 

They’re always online.

Digital recruiters are constantly looking for the best talent, but they’re also always noticing the latest trends, the up-and-coming designers, the cutting-edge concepts that can help keep a company ahead of the curve. If they see something online that fits what your company is looking to do, or a dazzling concept that could help your team, they’ll spot it before anyone else and bring the person responsible to your attention. 

They’ll help refresh your social presence and your website.

When was the last time your company updated your online look? A digital marketing recruiter knows what companies are offering, how they look and their personality online through their social media platforms. Maybe you think your approach and presence is just fine, but if it feels stale or outdated, you’re not going to catch the attention of the best candidates. If your website looks bland or doesn’t offer anything worth noticing, you’ll be overlooked by creative minds. It’s also worth taking a look to see how well diversity and company culture are represented: The environment in which people work, the way people from different backgrounds and experiences are embraced and welcomed, all of this is just as important to younger generations of employees as how much they’ll be paid. 

They can look for those who aren’t looking for jobs.

Passive job candidates are those who aren’t looking for a job right now. They’re happy in their current position and have no real reason to leave. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be lured away for the right offer. Digital marketing recruiters can do the leg work here, reaching out and establishing contact on your behalf to generate interest. If the person is a superstar for their current employer, it might take a little doing to get them to leave, but that also means you’ll be getting an employee who isn’t leaving out of anger. 

They’ll expand your search.

For years now, most marketing firms have been looking for talent in their immediate geographic area. But the world has changed; in some ways, the pandemic sped up the acceptance of remote work and the idea of hiring talented people regardless of where they live. A digital recruiter knows the best ways to find people wherever they are and will use their techniques to bring to your attention candidates you might not have considered earlier just because they live in a different city. 

Finding candidates for your company is their job.

A digital marketing recruiter will dedicate their time to finding the right candidates for you because that’s their specialty. If your firm is looking for a certain kind of artist, a specific kind of writer, a brilliant concepter, this is what your recruiter will spend their time researching. They’ll be relentless at tracking down just the right person for your company and will do everything to get them to join your team. A digital marketing recruiter just wants to make your company happy and bring you the best options for your new candidate; it’s like having a whole extra person who doesn’t need to juggle recruiting on top of other tasks, because their entire job is looking for just the right person. 

Why not expand your toolkit when it comes to finding great new employees by working with a recruiter? It’s all the help you need without having to task someone in your company to drop their work and pick this up. 

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Method Recruiting specializes in helping companies with their digital marketing needs. Our team of experts can work with you to find exactly what you need — give us a call today and let’s get started. 

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