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Identifying Your Digital Marketing Hiring Needs: Advice From Top Atlanta Recruiters

How Can a Digital Recruiter Find You a Better Job…With More Pay? 

Based on the fast-paced nature of digital marketing, many hiring teams find themselves stuck in a reactionary approach. When a position opens, they hire for that job.

Sounds simple enough, but companies that take that approach tend to struggle to find well-aligned marketing talent.  Conversely, companies that do an excellent job of sourcing marketing talent take a proactive approach. If you are struggling to find great talent for your marketing team, it’s time to change your approach, and that means first identifying hiring needs.

Hiring The Right People Means Putting The Right People in The Room

To fully understand your hiring needs, you should start with the source. Work with the organizational leadership team to discuss the company’s talent needs for the coming year. It’s important to always take cycles into consideration and to consider future business initiatives. Overarching business goals can inform the skill sets that you will need today and in the future.

To get people thinking in the right way about hiring needs, run them through a series of “what if” questions. What if your new product takes off quickly after launch?  What if it doesn’t? What if you lose your biggest client? What if the economy gets worse? Considering best-and-worse-case scenarios can help you identify potential gaps in your hiring plans.

Recruit Passive Marketing Candidates

When you are making a reactionary hire due to someone leaving unexpectedly or due to unexpected growth, it’s often fastest to hire from a pool of available marketing talent. Unfortunately, available talent isn’t always the best talent.

That’s why it’s so important to build a pipeline of passive candidates – especially when you’re developing a plan to address future hiring needs. Recruiting passive candidates is a long game. You’re constantly building and maintaining relationships, and in order to find the right candidate at the right time, internal marketing recruiters need to make passive techniques a priority.

Developing an internal passive recruitment strategy is never easy. It takes time and it can be months until the work starts developing returns. While you’re working on your strategy, it pays to partner with digital marketing recruiters who have already built a solid pipeline of passive talent.

Develop A Strategic Partnership With Atlanta’s Top Digital Marketing Recruiters

If you are ready to improve your hiring process by getting proactive about your needs and recruiting passive candidates, partner with Method Recruiting. Our Atlanta-based recruiters are industry leaders. They have connections all across the country and have built solid relationships with talented digital marketing professionals.

Method’s Atlanta recruiters can work as an extension of your team, taking your business and hiring goals and executing a recruiting plan for success. Contact our team in Atlanta today to learn more about how Method can help you hire the best digital marketing talent in the business.  

Interview Tips

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