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How Having a Digital Marketing Portfolio Can Help You Stand Out Before the Interview

How Having a Marketing Portfolio Helps You Stand Out for an Interview Method Recruiting

When applying for digital marketing jobs, it’s important to have all your proverbial ducks in a row: References ready for sharing, resume updated and tailored to the job you’re interested in and, to help stand out, a portfolio showcasing some of your best work as well as your range. 

Digital portfolios are important: they can tell a prospective new boss about your creativity and style of work; they can show off various mediums and media in which you’re comfortable working and they can provide an at-a-glance suggestion of what you’d be adding to their creative team if they bring you

Here’s how a digital marketing portfolio can help build a case in your favor before the interview is even scheduled: 

Your Portfolio is Your Brand

Every creative person has a style. Every digital marketer has a style, in words, layout, images and storytelling. Having an online portfolio helps you easily share your vision and your ability with a click of a link. It’s an easy way to show off who you are and what you do, letting people know how you approach work by looking at the finished product. Do you use the same approach for all clients or do you tailor your message and visual themes based on each client or campaign? All of this is good for a potential boss to know. 

It Shows How Far You’ve Come.

If you want to show that you’ve evolved and progressed with your career, include a separate section of your older attempts and campaigns, maybe even your first test pieces you completed for a different company when you were just starting out. This is a great way to show that you take your work seriously and are constantly striving to improve, learn and grow. Show the company you’re interviewing with that you’re willing and able to continue to evolve and will be able to adopt and adapt their style, with your own touches. 

It’s a Great Backup for the Details Provided in Your Resume

When you submit your application to a position, include the link for your portfolio and make notes about which projects match which jobs in your resume. This allows HR and management to see what you’re talking about when they read through your accomplishments. Your work included in a digital portfolio makes everything available all at once, which can help make you a strong candidate for the job. 

Let Others Do the Talking

Your portfolio, in addition to work samples and concepts you’ve worked on in your own time, can include a section with testimonials from previous or current clients and a run-down of awards you’ve won, recognition you’ve received, even thank-you notes from satisfied customers. This, too, helps to show you can make good on your promises and consistently “wow” your customers in a way that exceeds their expectations. 

When done effectively, your digital marketing portfolio will have done such a great job setting the tone for your interview, hiring managers and your potential boss will be asking detailed, specific questions to get to know you better, based on your work and your experiences they’ve already reviewed. You might be a leading candidate before even saying hello! 

Reach Out To Our Experts to Learn More

If you’re looking to expand your portfolio with different kinds of experiences, or if you’d like a professional to provide some guidance on how to improve your portfolio, contact Method Recruiting. We specialize in digital marketing and have experts ready to provide advice on how to break into the field. Reach out to our experts at Method Recruiting today and let us help you succeed!

Interview Tips

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