4 Tips For Digital Marketing Recruiters When Applying for a New Position

June 30, 2022 

4 Tips For Digital Marketing Recruiters When Applying for a New Position

Are you a people person who loves talking about advertising? Do you understand the awesome reach companies can have by utilizing social media? What’s your favorite viral video and what is it selling?

If you have answers to these questions, you might have a career ahead of yourself in digital marketing. If you enjoy talking to people about the how’s and whys behind those questions, if you love thinking about how marketing works, and feel like you have a knack for helping people develop and nurture their talents, you might be an excellent digital marketing recruiter.

Here’s how you can stand out when applying for a job as a digital marketing recruiter and get your resume noticed.

  1. Play up any job experience in sales, HR or communications. Most digital marketing recruiters did not start their jobs in a digital field or in recruiting. But previous work experience can give you a leg up when it comes to this position: Are you good with people? Do you know how to have meaningful conversations with strangers, making them feel comfortable and excited about what you have to say? Are you persuasive? Are you a good communicator? All of these things are important. Have you ever played matchmaker for your friends? Being a digital marketing recruiter is like that, but you’re matching creative people with marketing companies that need new staff members.
  2. Understand the importance of new technologies and traditional methods. Marketing is storytelling. How and where you’re telling the story matters, but you can tell the same story to different audiences, with equal efficacy and power, using different tools. Not only that, but you love the idea of teaching people how marketing, social media, print and radio ads, and billboards work differently and in powerful conjunction.
  3. Be excited about bringing people together. If you’ve ever told a friend about a job opportunity you saw posted online somewhere, or you heard about from someone else, you’ve served as a recruiter. Recruiting is understanding what a company wants and needs and then helping find prospective hires who best meet that wish list. As a digital marketing recruiter, you’ll be looking at resumes of brilliant, hard-working, talented people and trying to determine who would be the best fit to complement the existing team at a marketing firm, someone who’s creative and driven and could add a powerful component to an already successful group. It’s like being able to look at a puzzle and see where the remaining pieces fit best, even if they look a lot alike.
  4. Have a list of contacts in hand. If you’ve worked in marketing, or have friends in the field or other connections to the industry, talk that up. Having a built-in network is gold! You’ve got relationships that can benefit people, whether that’s a prospective candidate or a client who will be looking to add to their staff. Human resource jobs are great for building those kinds of relationships, but so is knowing skilled, talented people in a variety of different lines of work. Some of the best marketers are people who never worked in advertising but are creative minds who are unafraid to try new things and experiment with different concepts. If you know people like this, you offer a built-in list of opportunities for companies to find fresh, exciting thinkers unencumbered by what the rest of the marketing world is doing. List on your resume various groups you’re associated with, clubs in which you’re a member, even alumni organizations, because all of those will help you network and share information on talented people.

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Changing jobs is always tricky, but being a digital marketing recruiter incorporates the best of many worlds. If you like talking to and helping people connect, you might make a great one!

Method Recruiting is always looking for great new team members who help bring together clients and prospective job candidates. If you want to try your hand at this work, contact us today!

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