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How Building A Strong Personal Brand Can Improve Your Digital Recruitment Strategy

How Building A Strong Personal Brand Can Improve Your Digital Recruitment Strategy Method Recruiting

As a digital marketing recruiter, the first service you’re providing is your expertise, knowledge and experience.

All of that is part of your personal brand — something that will help you land clients, earn their trust and build a successful portfolio.

Here’s how to make sure you have a strong personal brand at the center of your recruitment strategy and why it matters.

  1. Name recognition.
    The products you personally use and trust in your life are probably items you can close your eyes and picture when asked. They’re recognizable and easily identifiable. As a digital recruiter, your name and personal brand can be just as important.

    This is the basis for your reputation. You want someone to think positive things when they hear your name and have a sense of trust and reliability. Make sure you keep your logos and brand marks simple and recognizable — most of the top-performing and earning companies have very streamlined color schemes and logo designs because the classics last forever.

  1. Become a voice of expertise and good advice.
    To help build your name recognition, be an active digital participant. Share good information online, on your personal recruiter website and on your social media channels. You’ll establish yourself as someone who’s in the know and on top of the current trends. Present information from good, trustworthy sources and add a little personal commentary on why this particular article or piece of content was important enough for you to share.

  2. Share testimonials.
    People want to know what the Smiths and Jones think of something before they commit. In the same way, your potential candidates and clients want to know that other people are happy with the services you have provided before they sign on. Sharing testimonials from your existing clients and candidates can go a long way toward building trust and spreading your name in important circles and it lends credibility, as you’re not just tooting your own proverbial horn.

  3. Monitor reviews.
    Sometimes the truth stings — if someone isn’t happy with the service you provided, it might be tempting to turn the other cheek or chalk it up to a failed personality match. Instead, really read what the review has to say and see if you feel short somewhere. Learn from the experience. Determine how you can solve those problems and improve for the next client. This shows a willingness to respond to criticism and an openness to change and improve, something your clients and candidates will appreciate as it means you’re willing to go the extra mile to do better for yourself and them.

  4. Keep your digital processes simple.
    You want to be easy to reach online, with a simple, clean website that’s easy to navigate. Make sure clients can easily see what services you provide and candidates know which areas you work to help them find placements. Install a chatbot feature that can provide quick answers to common questions while collecting email addresses from users that can be turned into follow-up emails to make sure things went smoothly.

    When people know who you are, what you stand for, the services you provide and the areas in which you have the expertise, your personal brand will grow. People will come to you and know they have a good person in their corner who will help them meet their personal and professional goals. As a digital marketing recruiter, tell your own good story first and the clients will come. Be your own success story!

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