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How to Fill Your Digital Marketing Talent Gaps – Advice From Austin’s Top Recruiters 

Digital Marketing Recruiters | Method Recruiting

Austin, Texas, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, with a very hot job market. That means lots of open jobs, including for digital marketers. But qualified digital marketing professionals aren’t always easy to find. If you’re looking to fill talent gaps in the digital marketing team at your company, you have a tough task on your plate.

Here’s how your Austin-based company can fill digital marketing talent gaps:

Upskill Current Employees

Upskilling means an employee improves or expands their skills to be able to perform more tasks and take on different or more responsibilities. In other words, you take your current employees and use them in additional ways. You can provide in-house training or seek out external training and development in order to empower your existing employees to do more. Not only is this good for your company, but it helps your employees learn more and grow their careers.

Reskill Current Employees

Reskilling, according to emiritus.org, is when an employee develops new skills to take on an entirely different role. It’s different than upskilling because reskilling involves learning new things to embark on a new path entirely, perhaps to the point of switching career paths entirely – but remaining with your company. Filling your digital marketing talent gaps doesn’t have to mean hiring new people every time; it could just mean having your existing talent adapt.

Implement A mentoring Program

In addition to formal training, mentor relationships can be a great way to fill in skills gaps and make sure your digital marketing team is firing on all cylinders. Mentoring programs allow for more experienced employees to share their knowledge with less experienced ones, making for a consistent learning experience where everyone continuously grows.

Consider Passive Candidates

Do you go after only active candidates in your recruiting efforts, meaning those who are actively looking for work? You might want to consider pursuing passive candidates as well – those who aren’t necessarily looking for work but would be open to a new opportunity if the right one came along. Often, this is a good way to fill those digital marketing jobs in Austin that require a unique skill set and the just-right person to fill the role.

Need to Hire Digital Marketing Talent in Austin?

You’ve come to the right place. Method Recruiting is the marketing recruitment agency in Austin that can source and hire the digital experts you’re looking for. We recruit exclusively in the digital marketing space and can help you find the candidates your organization needs.

Contact our marketing recruiters in Austin today and click here to learn more about our services in the city.

Interview Tips

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