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Four Skills Employers are Looking for in Today’s Digital Recruiters

Four Skills Employers are Looking for in Today's Digital Recruiters

What does it take to be a successful digital recruiter? What are employers looking for when adding to their team? 

It might seem like a mystery, and some skills will vary by company, but there are some important abilities that will help make you an in-demand recruiter when you’re looking to change jobs or careers. 

Strong Communication Skills

Digital recruiters will need to be great with people, able to speak and write clearly and effectively. You’ll be the intermediary between your client and their potential candidates and the need to successfully and concisely listen, write and relay information is critically important. Communication is everything to customers, clients, your team, your managers — without strong communication skills at every turn, things can spiral very quickly. 


Customers change their minds all the time. Are you comfortable changing course halfway through a strategy? Can you come up with new options for a client or customer based on the information they present to you? Being able to adjust and change based on new information or requirements is key. There’s no time to lose! Stubbornness means falling behind. 

Relationship Building

This goes hand-in-hand with good communication skills. Are you adept at finding common ground and helping others see the benefits of meeting in the middle? Can you bring people together for a shared goal? Being able to build a relationship also means being able to take bad news — like a rejection from a job opportunity — and turn it into something positive and exciting. For recruiters, it means being able to continue working with a client or candidate even if things don’t work out at first. It’s understanding the ebb and flow of demands and seeing opportunities and silver linings where others can’t, or don’t. 

Digital Confidence & Knowledge

You know that social media isn’t just for dances, pet photos and food from your favorite restaurants. Social media is for networking, for job searching, for companies to humblebrag about their growth and for job seekers to learn about corporate culture in cities they’d like to live in. It is the ultimate recruiting tool because it has no geographical limits. You understand the limitless possibilities and are excited to help your clients, and potential candidates, learn more about each other and why the digital world is where the best candidates are found and relationships forged. 

Opportunity is everywhere if you know where to look and how to use it when you find it. Digital recruiting companies want someone who is flexible, quick to adapt to new circumstances and situations and can explain new strategies and demands with ease. Throw in good time and project management skills and you’ll be a highly sought-after digital recruiter. 

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