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Dos and Don’ts When Developing Your Brand in 2022

Dos and Don'ts When Further Developing Your Brand in 2022

Marketing a brand used to be so simple. In the digital era, there are so many outlets, so many platforms, and it’s so easy to get lost in the shuffle. 

But you don’t have to. Your brand is, and should be, synonymous with what you’re selling or the services you provide. If you’ve established yourself well and want to go further, to reach even more people and even wider audiences, there are some established ways of expanding your reach. But there are also stumbling blocks to be avoided. 

Here are some dos and don’ts for developing your brand:

DO: Dive deeper into data analysis.

Get a better understanding of who your customers are. What are they looking for? Where do they live? What’s their income? Do they have kids? Do they travel?

Learn all you can about them in order to better speak their language, and to understand their interests and needs.

DO: Optimize anywhere and anytime you can.

It’s worth putting more of your budget into each pay-per-click ad to reach higher quality customers on a more consistent basis.

Consider branching out. If you’ve shied away from social media platforms, it’s time to embrace them. If you’ve passed up digital banner ads, reconsider, especially if that’s a better target for your ideal customers. Don’t forget other digital platforms as well: streaming services, both video and audio, are massive with customers and could have untapped potential. Also consider paid content if that makes sense with your client and customer base. 

Do: Be consistent across platforms with your messaging.

Your delivery and your creative strategy might change based on where marketing is being placed, but your message needs to be the same. The spirit and “feel” of your marketing should be the same across the board. Consistency breeds trust, reliability and a sense of comfort. Customers will feel they know your brand and company, they’ll believe it’s a worthwhile, trustworthy and dependable brand if they’re hearing the same messaging wherever they see you. The world can feel unsure and unsteady right now, be reliable. 

DON’T: Decide to wing it.

Being flexible is one thing, being unprepared is another. Not having a clear vision is detrimental to your brand, whether you’re established or just starting out. Consistency builds trust, and lack thereof means people don’t know what they’re getting from you.

DON’T: Trade company values for a quick boost.

If your company and brand is established, don’t pull a 180 and go in a completely opposite direction. The pitch might be that this is refreshing, energizing and will get people talking, but understand that the changes you make might turn off some existing customers without the guarantee of bringing in new ones. A dramatic shift might also result in loud and upsetting feedback on social media, further hurting the new effort and distancing people who had come to know your company in a certain light.

Unless the intent is a short-term campaign, this is a dangerous path to tread. 

Don’t: Fail to invest in creative.

You can have a brilliant strategy, a fail-proof execution model, data-based approaches and the best data analysis you can possibly obtain to back it all up.

It could be a perfect campaign, but if the visuals look cheap or predictable or are too similar to anything else, it will fail. You won’t get the attention you’re looking for and the campaign will just be more noise to be avoided or forgotten.

Putting a portion of your budget into working with a creative team will help develop a visual campaign element. Understanding your strategy and target audience can make all the difference. 

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