Can a Digital Marketing Recruiter Really Help You Get a Job Quicker?

June 16, 2022 

Can a Digital Marketing Recruiter Really Help You Get a Job Quicker? Method Recruiting

When you’re looking for a job, it can feel like time is moving incredibly slowly. It takes so long to find marketing jobs to apply to that are interesting and for which you’re qualified, and then it takes seemingly forever to hear back and go through the interview process.

Pairing up with a digital marketing recruiter can not only speed up the process, but you’ll also have an ally helping to cheer you on until you land that next great job.

Here’s how digital marketing recruiters can help you find a new job faster:

  1. They know the industry and who’s looking to hire. Recruiters develop partnerships with their clients. This means they have access to insider information on what positions are open now, which ones will be available soon and what kind of jobs are on the horizon for the next six months. Working with a recruiter means you get access to that information too!
  2. They know what their clients are looking for. Because of those long-standing relationships, recruiters will know what their clients want in a potential hire. They’ll know the highest-priority skills for each position and what kind of personality and culture exists within the organization, which means they’ll know what kind of person would likely fit in best. You benefit from that knowledge by applying with confidence to a job in which you’ll meet their expectations on day one!
  3. They’re experts at reviewing resumes. Marketing is such a vast industry and companies are looking for such a variety of skills and abilities. Whether you’re new to the world of marketing or a seasoned pro, marketing recruiters will understand the background and experience level their clients are looking for and can steer you toward the open positions that best fit where you are today. They can also help suggest skills you should work on developing in order to make your resume stand out even more.
  4. They are not bound by location. The great thing about marketing, and something that’s really come to be accepted in the past few years, is that strong talent lives everywhere. The old ways of requiring everyone to be in an office in one location is fading, especially for careers like marketing. You can be anywhere and work for anyone anywhere around the world! Digital marketing recruiters have access to clients in your immediate region and well beyond, opening up your access to far-flung jobs you might not otherwise find.
  5. They can save you time and frustration. When you’re applying for jobs on your own, it’s a lot of hurry up and wait: Wait for confirmation that your application has been received; wait to hear whether you’ll be selected for an interview; wait to see if you’re advancing to the next round; waiting to see if you landed the job. By working with a digital marketing recruiter, you’ll have someone championing your application from the moment you decide to apply, talking you up to hiring managers and making sure your information is placed quickly in front of decision makers. They can even apply on your behalf in some cases, letting you know where your resume and portfolio have been shared.

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