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Attracting Top Digital Marketing Talent in Denver’s Competitive Market


Companies of sizes across a wide variety of industries in Denver are looking for digital marketers. According to LinkedIn, the top marketing jobs in highest demand right now include Digital Marketing Specialists, Digital Account Executives, and Digital Marketing Managers – and those are all in the top five.

So, how can you attract the best and brightest digital talent to your organization?

Be an Attractive Employer

The first way to attract top talent to fill your digital marketing jobs in Denver is by being an employer that is attractive to candidates. This means going back to the basics – offer a competitive salary and an attractive benefits package. Otherwise, digital marketing talent will see no reason not to choose your competitors over you. In addition to salary and benefits, remember that today’s top talent is interested in a positive company culture, corporate social responsibility, flexible work scheduling, and work-life balance initiatives as well. Offering extra perks like these really put you ahead of the pack in Denver’s competitive market.

Hire Outside of the Box

Have you ever considered hiring remote candidates? This can greatly expand your reach to qualified candidates who might not live in the Denver area. And if you do need to hire digital marketers for on-site roles, think outside of the box. Consider candidates who may not currently be digital marketers but have skill sets that could translate to this field. For example, someone with a background in accounting or statistics is accustomed to analyzing numbers and trends to produce insights; a copywriter who has worked with an agency probably has a lot of digital marketing experience.

Offer Growth and Development

Today’s digital marketing talent, whether they are Denver locals or they live across the country, have goals. They aren’t interested in remaining stagnant or toiling away at a job that doesn’t offer them an opportunity to advance. Implementing training, growth, and development opportunities for your digital marketing talent isn’t just a great way to satisfy your current employees. It’s one of the best recruitment strategies out there. Help your digital marketers grow their skills, deepen their knowledge, and grow their careers – and provide a pathway for them to put that growth to good use.

Partner With The Top Digital Marketing Recruitment Agency in Denver

Another way to attract and retain the top marketing talent in the area? Partner with marketing recruiters in Denver who understand the local market and what talent is looking for. Method Recruiting specializes in finding top digital creative talent for your company so that you can continue to get the word out about your business. Contact a member of our recruitment team today to get started.

Interview Tips

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