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Are You Making the Most of Your Recruiting Partnership? Advice From Top Austin Recruiters

Digital Recruting Partnership

If you work with recruiters to hire digital marketing talent, you’ve probably heard them refer to a partnership in terms of working with you. To realize recruiting success, you should take that partnership seriously, and you must be willing to see your recruiters as more than just order takers. To really reap the business benefits of working with professional recruiters, hiring teams will have to pitch in and carry some of the weight.

The Right Digital Recruiting Partnership Matters

Above all else, you must work with the right digital marketing recruiters in order to achieve results. Niche firms that have experience in the digital marketing industry are much better than working with generalists. Recruiters that work solely in digital marketing understand the market and the landscape, understand your challenges and have a pipeline of passive marketing talent that works in your field. Niche expertise is critical for helping to make the recruiting partnership more efficient and more effective.

To Build A Recruiting Partnership, Don’t Skimp On Details

We all know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of too much information. However, when it comes to a recruiting partnership, TMI is never a bad thing. Recruiters need to understand everything they can about your company, the team the new hire will work on, your challenges, your goals, the specific projects the new hire will work on, etc. No detail is too small for a digital marketing recruiter because the more information they have, the more accurate their search will be.

Provide Feedback to Your Recruiting Partner (And Receive It)

Even the best digital marketing recruiters in the world are not mind readers. They can’t be expected to know what they are getting right and where they are missing the mark if you don’t tell them. Honest feedback is critical to building a strong recruiting partnership so they can repeat what works and so they don’t make the same mistake twice.

It’s also important to remember that it’s not always the recruiter’s “fault” something isn’t working. If they were working from an outdated job description, if they weren’t looped in on changing business priorities, if the expectations were not clearly outlined by you, it can lead to a mismatch. So, if your recruiting partner offers feedback on how you can improve for future placements, take it into account.

Trust An Expert Recruiter’s Knowledge

When working with an expert digital marketing recruiting team, be willing to trust their recommendations. You are not always going to get everything you want, quickly. Sometimes you can’t afford your top choice. Or a candidate you like got snatched up by someone else. In cases like this, your recruiter may provide you with alternate candidates and solutions to help you overcome the challenge. Listen and trust the suggestions they make, even in the face of challenges. Success doesn’t always look the way you envisioned, so trust the advice of recruiters who have been there.

If you are looking for talented digital marketing professionals and you want to work with an expert in the industry, contact the recruiters at Method Recruiting’s Austin office today. Our Austin team are experts in both the local market and the national market, and can find well-aligned talent for you, quickly. Together, we can build a recruiting partnership and a strategy that will help you achieve your goals.

Interview Tips

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