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3 Ways Digital Recruiters Separate Themselves From Traditional Recruiters

Digital Recruting Partnership

Technologies evolve over time: typewriters gave way to keyboards, paper files gave way to digital files, phones with spinning dials gave way to the mini-computers we have in our pockets today. 

In the same way, digital recruiting is the next step in the evolution of finding our clients the best possible candidates for their open positions, taking advantage of the latest tools available to find great new employees. 

Here are three ways digital recruiters distinguish themselves:

They embrace digital trends.

Recruiters who have embraced the digital present are familiar and comfortable with the latest tools and technological capabilities that can help find great job candidates much faster. Establishing parameters for your job opening, based specifically on what your company is looking for, helps set up protocols for candidate application reviews, filtering out people who don’t quite fit– and it’s all done automatically. 

They find quality candidates faster.

Thanks to that digital filtration, your digital recruiter can then go through those resumes that already meet your expectations and can take a little time to do an initial read-through. If needed, they can pass along a skills assessment or conduct a preliminary interview to get a better sense of a candidate. That means, when it’s time for you to interview, you’ll have a list of people who are actually qualified and interested in the position, and capable of stepping in and getting to work right away. No one’s time has been wasted! 

They find more passive job seekers.

Not everyone who gets hired is actively looking to leave their current job. Digital recruiters utilize online tools to find the people with the qualifications you’re looking for, whether it be reviewing LinkedIn profiles or other social media platforms. They’ll start a conversation with someone who’s currently happy in their job to see if they might be interested in a career change.

Your offer might be something the candidate didn’t even know they were looking for, and now you’ve got a great candidate eager to join your team that had no idea this opportunity might come along. 

Bonus Difference: They promote your company & expand your digital foothold

They do this by posting your positions in online spaces you might not be familiar with, helping your brand exposure and name recognition. That’s a win! 

Call Our Experts at Method Recruiting Today

If you’re looking to hire a top-notch candidate and you’ve tried traditional recruiting in the past, it’s time to give digital recruitment a try. Call Method Recruiting today and let’s talk about what our recruiters can offer your company! 

Interview Tips

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