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Senior Software Developer – Brand

Our client, a leading technology firm, is looking for a Sr. Software Developer in their Austin office


  • We're looking for a Senior Software Developer with Laravel experience to join our team.
  • The duties performed will mostly be back-end, but some front-end and JavaScript experience is required.
  • Our development team has created several internal applications to assist in our growing demands as a company. 
  • You will be writing (tested) code for adding features into our systems, as well as helping to migrate functionality from our old legacy systems to our new system.
  • You will also help develop new applications to meet evolving business requirements in support of the company's mission.
  • Our systems rely on a handful of well tested private composer packages we have created to keep things decoupled.
  • We have an established CI/CD workflow and all code will be reviewed and discussed between other senior developers.
  • We are dedicated to building an environment of high quality, testable code with integrations into third party tools. 


  • At least five years of PHP or object oriented programming experience.
  • You are proficient in using MVC frameworks, Laravel preferred.
  • You understand OO in PHP. You are familiar with classes, interfaces, traits, and interfaces.
  • Familiarity with Vue.js
  • Proficiency in unit testing.
  • You have a solid foundation in MYSQL
  • You have some basic nix skills and Git is second nature to you.
  • You have some front-end experience.
  • HTML/CSS is easy for you and you can use CSS frameworks like Bootstrap.???????

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