Four Skills Employers are Looking for in Today’s Digital Recruiters

Four Skills Employers are Looking for in Today's Digital Recruiters

What does it take to be a successful digital recruiter? What are employers looking for when adding to their team?  It might seem like a mystery, and some skills will vary by company, but there are some important abilities that will help make you an in-demand recruiter when you’re looking to change jobs or careers. …

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Dos and Don’ts When Developing Your Brand in 2022

Dos and Don'ts When Further Developing Your Brand in 2022

Marketing a brand used to be so simple. In the digital era, there are so many outlets, so many platforms, and it’s so easy to get lost in the shuffle.  But you don’t have to. Your brand is, and should be, synonymous with what you’re selling or the services you provide. If you’ve established yourself…

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Why Now Is a Good Time to Consider a Career in Paid Media

Why Now Is As Good a Time As Ever to Consider a Career in Paid Media

If you’re thinking about a new career but have no idea where to start, consider working in paid media.  What’s paid media? Think about the most recent product you’ve searched for online. Later, when scrolling an article or going through your social media feed, did you see an ad for that exact thing? That’s paid…

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3 Ways Digital Recruiters Separate Themselves From Traditional Recruiters

Digital Recruting Partnership

Technologies evolve over time: typewriters gave way to keyboards, paper files gave way to digital files, phones with spinning dials gave way to the mini-computers we have in our pockets today.  In the same way, digital recruiting is the next step in the evolution of finding our clients the best possible candidates for their open…

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