Is a LinkedIn profile a suitable resume for Digital Marketing Professionals?

Improve and Strengthen LinkedIn Profile | Method Recruiting

Digital marketing is a highly competitive field and, as a job seeker, you want to set yourself apart while getting as many eyes as possible on your resume.   But is a LinkedIn profile enough? Do you need more than that? Can you sufficiently showcase your work there or do you need a multi-pronged approach?  LinkedIn…

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Dealing with turnover across your digital team? Consider these ways to retain your top employees

Managing Turnover Across Digital Marketing Team

Look at your current digital marketing team. Do you marvel at the talent you’ve assembled for your company? Does it fill you with pride?   Does it also fill you with a sense of dread that someone might someday leave unexpectedly?   Turnover is always a concern and employee retention a constant challenge to be met. When…

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Your PPC ads an be more direct…here’s how to get more response from your ads

A pay-per-click (PPC) targeted ad campaign can help businesses of all sizes, and all budgets, more effectively reach their intended audience. But even after putting your money where your ads, and their eyes, are, the results might not be as robust as you’d hoped.   Here’s how to get a bigger bang for your buck when…

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If You’re a Recruiter with Capped Commissions…You Need to Read This

Digital Marketing Recruiters | Method Recruiting

Picture this: It’s a gorgeous summer day, perfectly warm, perfectly sunny. You’re driving a stunning car, the kind that draws attention and compliments just sitting in traffic, on the open highway. Your favorite song is on the stereo, cranked for optimal singing along.   But the car can’t go any faster than 45 miles per hour,…

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